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Even more important reasons you should use a real estate professional (Realtor) continued…

6. Exposure to Potential Purchasers

When sellers think of getting exposure for their home, they immediately think of print advertising. Certain print media might still have a place in marketing a niche property (luxury, equestrian, waterfront, etc.). However, we want our readers to know that, though print advertising has traditionally been the way homes had been introduced to the buying public, the medium has been losing its impact over the last several years.

 Recent studies have shown that less than 3% of buyers find their home through newspaper advertising today. At the same time, over 30% find a home through the internet. Let’s take a look at how real estate experts market listings today.

Multiple Listing Systems (MLS)

Once you list your property with a member of the local MLS, every other member of the system is alerted that your house is now available for purchase. In a matter of hours, hundreds or thousands of real estate professionals have the ability to easily share the specifics of your home with each of their buyers. There is nothing an individual seller can do to come close to this immediate exposure to thousands of potential buyers.

Internet Sites

Almost every real estate company and many agents have their own websites promoting their homes for sale. Many companies also have standing relationships with national listing aggregators (Trulia, Zillow, Yahoo!, etc.). It would be impossible for a seller to get the width of exposure the real estate agent has at his/her fingertips.

Social Media

More and more industry professionals are learning the power of social media when promoting real estate. They have created a community of followers looking for information about the region or neighborhood they work in. Of course, a percentage of those followers will be interested in what is taking place with the real estate market within that area. A new venture, which has yet been fully utilized, social media is beginning to play a larger role in the marketing of an area and the homes in that area.

Bottom Line

A real estate professional has a plethora of ways to bring exposure to a property that are not available to the ‘for sale by owner’. In this market, every available outlet must be considered. Call an agent today to help you with your search… or email me at

Realtors work for you for no charge. The only way we get paid a commission is if a deal is closed. This means, if you list your home with me and it never sells, I never get paid…

I always remind my buyers and leasers this piece of info: When I work with a buyer or person looking to lease an apartment, YOU, as a buyer never have to pay a realtor a penny.

We get paid a certain commission by the seller. The sellers market their property in hopes that agents will bring prospective buyers to their property. When the property is bought or leased, then the realtor gets paid a commission from the seller.

If a seller does not use an agent to market their property, we realtors call them “Fizbo’s” (FSBO- For Sale By Owner). In my experience, these For Sale By Owner Homes are usually not well kept. If the seller is trying that hard to save money that they won’t even use an agent to market their property, it is not usually a good sign of the property condition.

Often times you can tell if the seller is a FIZBO if you can’t find the home on the internet, or the MLS system, or if they have a small handwritten sign in their yard with a phone number listed. – I will stop here and save the rest of this info for another blog post. I am getting off track here!

Again, thank you to the KCM Crew!


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