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Realtor Murdered at Open House… This is my worst nightmare come true. Very sad.

Realtor Murdered at Iowa Townhome Update: Is It Safe for Agents to Hold Open Houses?

Ashley Okland

The real estate agent, a beautiful 27-year old woman, was gunned down at 2 pm in the afternoon in a development of about 70 town home units, only about a year old, on the Dallas County side of West Des Moines. The area is about 1½ miles from Jordan Creek Town Center, if you know Des Moines. If I were an agent — if I were an agent who actually sells real estate — I would not hold open houses without security. Years ago, a top producer now at Ellen Terry, and one of the dearest people I know in this town, saw her life flash before her eyes when she was robbed at an open house off Midway.

Open houses are scary: do we still need them?

Update: My nephew’s girlfriend lives in Des Moines and has mutual friends. She tells me the neighborhood where Ashley was killed was upscale and a beautiful newer area that gets lots of attention from national chain stores — in fact, it has Iowa’s only Apple store.

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So sad… I ALWAYS carry pepper spray on me. You can buy pepper spray that is disguised as a writing pen. Keep it on you at all times. Everyone should carry one. You can go on amazon now and buy one for under 6 bucks. Even if you aren’t a realtor, it is less obvious than a big pepper spray device and fits easily in your pocket or purse.
-Bonnie Besserer

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