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An apology to my angry clients this week….

My Mom went out-of-town this week. Never a good thing for us. Clients always end up angry for one reason or another. Although we work together as a “team,”we still each have our own clients, SO, when my Mom is out of the country, I have to act as both people.

I try to make her work come first since she is dealing with higher end listings and much more powerful clients; however, I usually end up spending just as much time helping a client find a $1200 d0llar apartment as I do with a client who is looking to sell a 3 million dollar property.  May not be the best approach to business, but everyone is equal in my book. I can’t help it! I just want everyone to be happy with my help and I am just as enthusiastic with each client.

For example, one client was angry for not being able to see a very expensive house that she had been trying to get into for “24 whole hours,” and on the other hand, I had clients waiting way too long to receive an email back from me about a few rental houses they were interested in. For that, I apologize to both. It was just a lot to keep up with.

Anyway, she has a lot of listings that are agent to meet, which means, I have to physically be present to let the clients in to see the houses. I do a lot of tenant and buyer rep, which means that I have to be physically be present with them to use a key card to get in to see the properties they are interested in. In addition, there were hungry dogs and cats that I was feeding in North Dallas and Uptown… I was driving around like a maniac last week.

So, long story short, I apologize for neglecting anyone this week. Things will get better tomorrow, when Mom gets home. Attention will be paid to all. Emails will be answered ASAP!

Please forgive me and understand that I am trying my best, even though you probably didn’t feel that way. Also, people forget that realtors don’t sit behind a desk answering emails and calls. For the most part, I am in my car showing properties, or filling out paperwork to input into the computer. I am trying not to text and drive, so that explains a lot of the delayed responses.

 I can usually do everything, but this last week was an exception with my Mom being out of the country.

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