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Could this mean the show is definitely coming to Dallas?

Mother-daughter production company takes on world real estate

Junction-based JV Productions heads into fourth season with ‘Selling New York’


Mother-daughter production company takes on world real estate. JV Productions’ founder Vyvyan Campbell, right, with daughter and colleague Ashley Campell at their studio on Hook Ave. in the Junction. The company is growing, adding the show Selling L.A. to their line-up and expanding the post-production team. Staff Photo/MARY GAUDET

Tucked away behind a row of residential houses, on Hook Avenue in the Junction is a rather nondescript building that’s home to JV Productions – the company that produces HGTV’s ‘Selling New York,’ the network’s biggest hit in the U.S.

It’s so popular that JV Productions, owned by veteran producer Vyvyan Campbell and operated with help from her two daughters and son-in-law, has just opened an office in Los Angeles and is launching the spin-offs ‘Selling L.A.,’ ‘Selling Dallas’ and ‘Selling London.’

Viewers are drawn in by the “voyeuristic” nature of the show, “what we call the property porn,” said Campbell’s daughter Ashley during a conversation at her mother’s live-work space, Thursday afternoon, April 14.

Campbell likens the show’s appeal to that of the TV series ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,’ which featured the extravagant lifestyles of wealthy entertainers, athletes and business moguls. Instead of celebrities, the star of ‘Selling New York’ is ultimately the multi-million dollar residential properties. It provides a glimpse into the real estate world – Manhattan-style, where the average price of a property is more than $2 million. Needless to say, the competition to seal a deal is cut-throat.

JV Productions can take credit for producing such shows as ‘The Design Challenge,’ the top-rated show on the W Network for seven years, and ‘Big City Broker’ on HGTV.

“Someone said we should look at retail space in New York so we contacted brokers that specialize in retail space on Fifth Avenue specializing in luxury goods. Then, everything fell apart with the recession two years ago,” recalled Campbell. “When it all fell apart, we thought ‘we know how to do houses, why don’t we do residential spaces?'”

To succeed in the industry, Campbell explained that companies must produce a “sizzle reel’ or “teaser.” JV Productions created a full-length teaser of its concept show and sent it out to HGTV Canada and HGTV in the U.S. While HGTV Canada said it would purchase the show as an acquisition, its American counterpart decided to purchase the entire show.

“HGTV gives new shows three to four weeks to get their audience. There were 20 new shows when we did ours. If you don’t make it out of the gate and you don’t get the numbers, you’re out of there,” said Campbell. “We were second place at the network from the get-go. Then, we bypassed ‘House Hunters’ and gained the top spot. We feel very blessed.”

Dallas natives jumped at the chance to participate in ‘Selling Dallas.’ They are looking forward to dispelling the casual cowboy stereotypes often applied to the city.

“We’ve just come back from Dallas,” said Ashley. “We found some great characters. People there are very funny, accommodating, polite – well-dressed. They’re not wearing warm-up suits and cowboy boots. Everyone had nice dresses and shoes on when we went out for dinner. It was very sophisticated.”

Now that ‘Selling New York’ is entering its third and fourth seasons, agencies and their brokers want to appear on the show. Property owners no longer hesitate to open their doors to viewers. The show’s intent is to provide a sneak peek into the lives of people with significantly large incomes while profiling real estate agents in a city with more than eight million people.

“To be a real estate agent in New York is a really ambitious endeavor,” said Campbell.

JV Productions just got the green light to produce 26 episodes of a new fantasy real-estate series for HGTV Canada called ‘Live Here Buy That.’ It is currently accepting applications. The show profiles Canadian households, a family or couple.

“We tour their house and find out what the house is worth. Then, we ask people if they’ve ever thought of living somewhere else,” said Campbell.

‘Live Here Buy That’ shows people how much they can get elsewhere in the world for what their house is worth in Canada.

Campbell came to Toronto in the early ’70s. She has been married to a Canadian for the past 38 years. Her background is in theatre and TV. She got her start in television hosting a fitness show called ‘Flexercise’ followed by producing credits on the Dini Petty Show before she decided to start her own producing company. It’s a family-run business. Both her daughters live nearby in the Junction as well.

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