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An easy way to search for someone's busines email address if you lost a business card.

An Easy Way to Search for Someone’s Business Email Address

Posted by Katie Lance on Thursday, April 28, 2011 Filed Under: Technology
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Even in today’s social world of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, text messaging and blogs – one of the best ways to still reach someone is through email. Have you ever had an open house and couldn’t find a business card a potential buyer handed handed you or couldn’t read the handwriting of the person who signed in? Sure you could search them out via Google or even on social media, but sometimes actually finding someone’s email can be challenging at best.

I just discovered Peepmail, the brainchild of Samy Kamkar (@samykamkar)

Peepmail is a search engine that delivers someone’s business e-mail, even if that e-mail address is not published publicly. Peepmail has a super simple interface. To use it, just enter the person’s name and the business domain where they work.

It doesn’t work 100% of the time – when I plugged in a few Inman News team members it didn’t pull us up but other domains worked just fine. I will definitely bookmark this site next time I need to try to reach someone and can’t quite figure out where there business card went or where their contact info is.

Have you tried this? I’d love your feedback, leave me a comment below!

Written by: Katie Lance, Social Media Director, Inman News, @katielance

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