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Steps of the Home Buying Process… (Put Simply)

For home buyers who buy maybe one or two homes in a lifetime, the path to home buying can seem complicated and confusing. Some wonder if they should first call a lender or a real estate agent. What happens after an offer is signed? How long does it take to close, and are there any hoops to jump through?

Below, the steps are laid out, BRIEFLY listing the home buying process — Obviously there will be more detailed questions that your realtor can help you answer.

Often times, I have found (especially with first-time home buyers) that the order of operations can easily get confusing…. So, I wanted to simplify that part.

Read the simple steps below, and if you would like my help with the details, you can reach me at I have plenty of contacts for lenders/bankers/appraisers/inspectors/home repair that are amazing and come highly recommended by all who use them.

STEPS In The Home Buying Process:

1) Talk to a Mortgage Lender for pre-qualification and price range

2) Choose a Real Estate Buyer’s Agent

3) Search for the Home

4) Write the Offer to Purchase and go to Contract

5) Make Loan Application

6) Have the home inspected

7) Get required repairs completed

8) Schedule movers & utilities

9) Order Home Owners or Hazard Insurance

10) Review the HUD or Closing Statement for accuracy

11) Get a Certified Check for the funds needed for closing

12) Perform a final walk-through of the home for condition

13) Go to Closing

14) Move-in to your new Home!!!

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