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Woman beaten and raped in the Knox/Henderson area after Dallas Maverick’s win on Sunday …. Reminder to BE SAFE & some tips on how to do so!

A violent crime alert is going out to neighbors around Lowest Greenville and Henderson Avenue communities after a violent rape and assault was reported Monday morning. This is a small picture of the general location where the incident occurred off of Henderson and Capitol (behind Captiol Pub) Dallas, TX. 75206. There is a link to a more detailed map at the bottom of the page to click on. The incident (with most details redacted) is documented in a DPD Offense Report (click here). According to the report, the victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment

The email, sent out by a friend of the victim on Monday afternoon, reports –

Please be careful around J-Blacks and Capitol [Henderson Avenue intersection]. A friend of a co-worker’s was brutally beaten and raped while walking to her car last night [Sunday night] from J Blacks. She was with the group watching the [Mavericks] game all night and left the bar around 2am. She was apparently parked on the street behind Capitol (near that park/school).No one knows exactly yet how and when it happened, but she was found at 6 am this [Monday] morning on the street near Capitol naked and severely beaten. Emails have been sent, as a reminder to be safe.  One person wrote, “please, please pass this story on to all your friends and tell them to be careful around there. I have many times walked to my car myself from Capitol and thought nothing of it, but it is still obviously a very rough neighborhood.”

More details as we get them.

The article above was written By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Safe streets.
I live in the Henderson area. Obviously, despite crime and incidents such as the the one in this post, I love the area. There have been many safety improvements over here in the last year. Residents have noticed more police in the area (specifically focused on busting criminals),  more security guards around the major apartment complexes, more reports on crime; which leads to more proactive responses from the DPD as well as more overall awareness in general. However; lately, there have not been many major incidents; such as this one, or if there have been, there has not been a great amount of awareness in the community. I didn’t hear about it!

Even though there was an article in the Dallas Morning News about this incident, I still feel like the details have remained fairly quiet. Residents in this area want and need more facts!  If you click on the crime report, much of the details are withheld. This may be perhaps to protect the victim and the parking lot of the bar in which this happened or several other reasons…Either way, I hope that there will be more questions answered and that the criminal/criminals responsible will be caught and taken off the streets! It is all still very soon after the incident. I am hoping to hear of a description of the suspect soon.
 Here is a link to the map that shows the exact location.

One thing that I have definitely had to practice more in this area, is to constantly be as alert and  safe as possible (to a point where my friends make fun of me). I generally keep that mentality everywhere I go because it can happen anywhere. If you read up on crime blogs and police reports based on zip codes, you will find that crime happens all over. Uptown, Downtown, North Dallas…Yes… Highland Park police are a great asset to have on your side and one might feel much safer walking around Preston Hollow and the Park Cities neighborhoods, but things still happen in these parts of town as well.

Although being safe and alert won’t necessarily prevent this kind of thing from happening to you, it can definitely help. I have made blog posts about pepper spray. I think everyone should carry it and take self-defense classes to help. Here are some tips that I really like and use all the time. Even if you have read about these things, it is good to refresh your memory and hope that these types of tips become instinctive.
Bonnie’s Most Practiced Self-Defense Tips:
1) Do not walk around alone at night. Stay in groups to lessen the chances of getting assaulted. (This obviously doesn’t prevent attackers, but it helps!)
2) Keep your head up when you walk down the street. Walk with confidence (stay alert and frequently look behind and all around you). Attackers are much more likely to assault someone who has their head down or seems unaware or not confident. DON’T LOOK DOWN AT YOUR PHONE! Don’t text!!! If you are walking and talking, do it for safety reasons.
3) Stay in the light… walk near the brightest part of the street. Think of criminals like roaches (They scatter when the light is on them). Obviously, if there are more people around, that is better.
4) Carry your keys in your hands at all times. This way, you don’t have to look down to dig through your purse when you are walking to your home or your car. This is important for lots of reasons. If your hands are not free and you are looking down, it is a perfect time to be pounced on. Keep your keys in your hands so you don’t have to fumble through your purse while standing in a parking lot or outside.
Keys also make great weapons! Self-defense classes will tell you that if you put your key between your middle finger, you can use it to poke someone or stab someone (preferably in the eye)… I have never had to do this (KNOCK ON WOOD), but I prefer to hold my keys at the most sturdy part of the key chain. I always keep my keys ready to swing at someone, if need be. If you hold your key chain by the sturdy part, the rest of the keys/key chain serves as the striking point.
ALSO, if you are carrying anything, you can use that as a weapon. For example, If you were holding a bottle of wine, that would be a great thing to swing/smash over an attacker’s head. Don’t ya think?
5) If the person assaulting you wants your purse or wallet, throw it as far as you can in one direction, and run   as fast and far as you can in the other direction.
6) DONT BE AFRAID TO SCREAM! Noise scares off criminals. Be as loud as possible. Stats also show that if you scream “FIRE,”  it will draw more attention than screaming, “Help.” Don’t focus so much on what to say, just SAY SOMETHING!
7) FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT… Struggle as much as you can. Don’t give up. Bite, be vicious…. Whatever it takes.
8) When you get in your car, lock the doors immediately. Women especially tend to get in their car after running errands and dig through their purses to find their phone or other things. That is why it is necessary to have your car doors locked. It is probably better to drive away from your parking spot first, but it is just good to get in the habit of locking your car.
9) If it gets to this point, DO NOT LET THEM TAKE YOU TO  THE NEXT PLACE… Whatever it takes. If you are in your car and the assailant asks you to drive somewhere; you will be in better shape if you purposely try to crash your car (according to statistics). Drive your car into a wall, or the nearest object to try to harm the assailant, then flee the vehicle… scream, try to escape.
10) Let people know where you are going (especially late at night). Ask people to walk you to your car. Better safe than sorry.
11) The most important tip of all… GO WITH YOUR GUT! If something feels weird or wrong about the situation, act immediately. As soon as you feel something is not right or feels strange, DO SOMETHING. Start to run away, call for help, get out of the situation, be smart. If it feels wrong, or weird, it probably is. Don’t worry about being afraid or embarrassed. Again, so much better SAFE THAN SORRY. Use your intuition. That’s what it is there for.
I could go on and on with this, but I figured I would just write the tips that I use the most and that I think are the most helpful. I also included some of the most profound ones that are good for reinforcement. Pass this link along to others you care about to remind them to be safe! It is always good to read and reread these types of tips on how to be safe. I know I have left off a lot of important things. I am always looking for more. Please feel free to comment or add any tips I have left off and send this to the women in your life that you care about.…n-how-to-do-so/   (this link has the tips as well as the info about the incident on Henderson). It may be easier to copy and paste this if you are going to be sending an email to others.
-Bonnie Besserer
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  1. I was recommended this blog through my cousin. I’m now not sure whether this put up is written by way of him as no one else recognise such specific approximately my trouble. You’re incredible! Thanks!

    March 7, 2012

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