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New info about the rape on Henderson in Dallas

The reward is now $15,000 for information in the search for a man who sexually assaulted a woman in the popular Knox-Henderson neighborhood earlier this month.

A friend of the woman assaulted came forward to add $5,000 to the already $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and indictment.

Police said the 30-year-old woman got separated from her friends after watching the Dallas Mavericks win the NBA championship at a bar on Henderson Avenue. She was attacked after leaving J. Black’s to walk to her car, which was parked on Garrett Avenue.

A homeowner found her the next morning, naked and bleeding.

“Her injuries were severe — I mean, she was beaten extremely bad,” said police spokesman Senior Cpl. Kevin Janse. “It was a very violent attack, to the point where she lost consciousness and very easily could have died from this attack.”

Let’s hope the case is resolved and the criminals are put away. There is still little information being released about the suspects. This is probably a result of police officials keeping the case private in search for the suspects.

Remember to practice safety tips:
Keep your keys handy to use as a weapon
Remember there is more safety in numbers
Be sure to tell others where you are going when you are leaving
Don’t be afraid to ask someone to escort you to your car- even if you need to ask an employee.


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