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Lower Greenville Ave. Part ONE. (Are the bars & restaurants still open?)

This is 1 of 2 blog posts about the status on Lower Greenville:

Blog Post 1 (The bars and restaurants) – are they open?

Answer: Yes! Keep supporting them and read the following:

After reading detailed zoning laws, talking to various restaurant/bar owners, as well as various neighborhood association directors; here is what I’ve got in… terms that we can all understand.

If you haven’t been to Lower Greenville recently, let me give you a brief scenario:

If you head South on Greenville from Mockingbird (towards downtown) you’ll pass Belmont  (the cross street where most of us refer to the start of lower Greenville).  Then you come tiny, 3-way stop light. You immediately start becoming annoyed and disturbed by the construction cones and condensed lanes… If you look to your left, you will notice big white signs in almost every window that say something about, “Zoning.” It almost looks and feels as if everything has SHUT DOWN?!?


If you haven’t been following the progress on Lower Greenville or if you simply aren’t sure EXACTLY WHAT is going on, than let me assure you: THESE BARS AND RESTAURANTS ARE NOT CLOSED!!  I repeat,

THE BARS AND RESTAURANT ON LOWER GREENVILLE ARE OPEN!!  OPEN, OPEN, OPEN. Do not be fooled or turned away by the signs in the windows because if you do, these bars and restaurants will feel the brunt of your lack of attendance and; therefore, be forced to close down. Business has already slowed more than it should, due to lack of awareness.

The cones and construction also create a false sense of limited accessibility. Don’t be fooled by these appearances. There is plenty of parking and the entrances are as easy to get access to as ever. The cones and trucks hide the truth.

The reason for this blog post is to help readers and local vendors understand that we need you to keep coming to these restaurants and bars.  It’s almost impossible to think of a restaurant on Lower Greenville that isn’t an amazing little gem, so it is strange to write about the need for business.  The construction and signs in the windows have (naturally) driven customers away, thus leaving Lower Greenville bar & restaurant owners lonely and without the normal amount of customers.

It’s almost frustrating that no one knows exactly what is going on. Even those who live in the heart of Lower Greenville feel in the dark. Ask your average resident in Lower Greenville, “What is going on down here?” Most likely you will get a blank stare and response similar to this: “I don’t really know.”

So, if you don’t know, now you know, people… Forgive me for being repetitive, but it’s something that the majority of Dallas residents aren’t overly informed about.

If you want to know more about the zoning signs & construction, or is you simply want to know what the future holds for our beloved and unique Greenville Avenue, than stay tuned and read Blog Post # 2 about Lower Greenville.

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