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HGTV is looking for fun and dynamic first time HOMEBUYERS (and their realtors) in the DFW Area

HGTV is looking for fun,
high-energy people in and around the Dallas-Ft.
Worth area
who are buying their first place!  Singles, couples and families are all invited
to apply.

My First Place is returning for its 11th
season, and will again focus on the trials and tribulations of looking for,
bidding on, and buying your first place – whether it’s a single-family house,
townhouse or condo. We’re looking for fun and interesting people who are
willing to share their personal and financial struggles during the home-buying

follow you for at least 10 shoot days
over a 3-month period
during some of the more stressful (and rewarding)
days of your life, so if this sounds like fun, please apply!  In addition to the once-in-a-lifetime
experience, upon airing of your episode, you’ll also receive a DVD copy of your
show—giving you a lasting memory of your first time buying a home to cherish for
all time!

My First Place has new episodes
airing now at 7:00 PM Central on Thursday nights, but be sure to check your
local listings!



: WE
CANNOT travel more than 60 – 90 minutes (by car) outside of the
selected cities.  Please be sure these
locations work for you!

You will receive a participation fee
at the end of taping.  The IRS requires
that we file a 1099MISC based on the W-9 that you complete and sign if selected
to be on the show.  We require a
signature on this form before taping, but it is your responsibility to file it
with the rest of your taxes for 2011.

If this sounds like an exciting, fun
experience to you (we think it is!) and you are planning on buying your first
place in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, please fill out the questions below.

If selected, we will contact you about
the next step in the process!

Please return
completed application to:


1. Current Contact information for each (adult) homebuyer:



Current Address:





Cell Phone:

Work Phone:

Home Phone:

Email Address:




1a. Second Contact (If applicable):








Cell Phone:

Work Phone:

Home Phone:

Email Address:




Realtor Contact:




Estate Company:













2. Is this your first place (i.e. the first time you’re buying a
home of any kind)?


What type of home are you looking for (single-family house, duplex, condo, townhouse,

4. In what area or areas (neighborhoods, districts or suburbs) of the
Dallas-Ft. Worth area do you hope to find a home?

5. What is your deadline to be out of your rental?  How firm is this deadline? Do you already have a
closing date?



Are you working with a real estate agent? If so, please include their contact
info. If not, do you plan to use an agent in the process?

7. Who is buying the new house?
What is your relationship (married, dating, living together, etc.)?  Please list any kids and/or pets involved,
and their ages as well

8. If you are buying as a single, you’ll need to arrange to have a
trusted friend join you for the house hunt, and numerous key scenes through
closing. This person will serve as your sounding board. He/She needs to be
comfortable on camera. Who will be your sounding board?

9. Why are you choosing to buy now?

Describe what kind of living situation you are in now.  (i.e. we live in a 600 ft, 2-bedroom, 3rd
story walk-up apartment, etc.)



Describe the home you are looking for in the same way. (i.e. I am looking for a
1600 sq. ft., 3-bed, 2-bath single-family home with a big backyard, etc.)  Include any unique features or quirks that
you may be looking for in a home. 

12. Why is it important to you to become a homeowner?

13. Describe in detail some of the financial hurdles you may have
to clear in order to qualify for a mortgage

14. Have you been pre-qualified or pre-approved for a loan?  If so, for how much?



15. How much is your current monthly rental payment?


16. What price range are you looking at?


17. How much do you want to pay on your total mortgage payment?
(principal + interest + taxes + escrow + PMI)


18. If you have started looking at specific places you like,
please include the MLS links or pictures of them in any form.


19. If your mortgage payment is more than your rental payment, what
sacrifices will you make to pay for the monthly increase? Will you have to give
up luxuries?

20. In the show, first-time
homebuyers disclose specific financial information, typically including down
payment amount, the final purchase price of the home and the monthly mortgage
payment. You must be comfortable sharing this info. Are you comfortable sharing
this information with the world?


21. If you are buying with a spouse or partner: What will be easy
to agree on? 



21a. What decisions are tough to agree on?  (i.e. bid price, saving money, style of
house, location, etc.)

22. What is most exciting for you in this process?



23. What is your biggest fear about buying your first place?



24. Tell us why you think you’ll have a high tolerance for having
a camera crew follow you around during the potentially stressful period of
buying your first place



25. What is something unique about you that would make you a good
person to feature on our show


26. Have you ever applied to be on an HGTV show before?


27. Have you seen a recent episode of My First Place?


28. How did you find out about this opportunity?


**Please include a photo of yourself
and any family members or friends you expect would join you in this adventure!

Please return
completed application to:


By clicking “Submit” below, or e-mailing
this questionnaire to High Noon Entertainment, I understand that all
questionnaires, video and photos sent to High Noon Entertainment become the
property of High Noon Entertainment and will not be returned. Due to the large
number of applications, we are unable to respond to everyone wanting to appear.
If you are chosen for the next step, we will contact you.

Email me at if you want more info, or leave a comment on this post!

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