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Lower Greenville Avenue, Part 2

Lower Greenville Avenue, Part 2

About those SUP permits you see in the windows: As you are hopefully well aware by now, Lower Greenville Avenue is being revamped. 1.3 million dollars are going towards this project. Not only is there construction going on to give Lower Greenville a new look with wider sidewalks and larger lanes, but City Code now dictates that in order for Lower Greenville businesses to stay open past midnight, they need to get a new late-hours specific use permit and certificate of occupancy — This is basically a 3-step process:

Bars/Restaurants must:

1) File an applicationin other words, go through a big long checklist to present their case, after which they then…

2) Go Through City Planningduring this stage, after the application is reviewed, the staff or city employees make a case and neighbors and members of the community gather and are permitted to voice their support or complaints for a restaurant or bar. A recommendation is made and passed along to City Council.

3) City Council Has the Final Say – City Council makes their decision based on city planning’s recommendations as well as data on crime in the area.

Six surrounding neighborhood associations back the project as a way to combat the rowdy bar business that has spilled drunks and crime into nearby front yards for years. Although neighbors and local residents and bars have a strong voice in all of this (and rumor has it that these neighbors are being overly strict); data on crime in the area speaks for itself. Here is a brief explanation of how criminal data in the Greenville Avenue Neighborhood works for or against these bars and restaurants.

When a crime happens in the neighborhood, Dallas Police find out where the alleged criminal had been prior to the crime, if that crime was not actually committed inside one of the bars or restaurants. This reflects poorly on the bars and or restaurants which may have served or housed those criminals…. which brings us to where we are today with the SUPs. I have followed the progress and still have a very limited amount of information on the majority of all the bars and restaurants. I am only writing about things I have heard or read about thus far, so please forgive me if any of this information is inaccurate and feel free to comment or post your opinion.

Status of Specific Bars on Lower Greenville:

1) The Libertine Bar and Grill (a neighborhood favorite) has gone through all three steps and was granted a 4 year extension of the Special Use Permit. Meaning, you will be free to stay out at Libertine for normal operating hours until at least 2015!

2) Zubar has made it past step 2 and the CPC’s recommendation to City Council is to vote yes and permit SUP for 4 years. This information was gathered a month ago and there may be more to the story. I am looking for more info.

3) Crown & Harp (AKA The Cavern) has simply had a nice new paint job and a name change. The application has been filled out and sent over for review…

4) Teppo, the Sushi bar and restaurant has not yet gone through city council, but has made it past step 2, where City Planning recommended a 5 year deal for their SUP.

5) A Bowling Alley came through and presented its case. When I first heard that Lower Greenville may be getting a bowling alley (where the Beagle used to be), I was pretty excited at the thought.  However; after taking a closer look, I realized this was probably going to severely add to the sort of “riff raff” that Lower Greenville is trying to get rid of. The bowling alley was denied because after City Planning posed the question of, ‘how many people will be able to bowl at one time?’ the response to the question was ‘approximately 400 people.’ That’s a lot of people in one bowling alley with only 6 lanes! This would have meant that only 6% of users would be able to bowl. In theory, it would have just been a really big bar with a bunch of people drinking heavily while anxiously awaiting a slim chance to bowl. Probably not a good candidate for Greenville Ave right now with all things considered. 

6) Service Bar and7) Yucatan (AS OF TODAY!!!)

neither  Yucatan nor the Service Bar have passed these steps because after the City Plan Commission and the city council denied the SUPs, The clubs filed suit against the city the day the ordinance went into effect, with the judge granting them a temporary restraining order and a court date set for 9 this morning (October 3rd, 2011).

The hearing has been canceled thanks to an agreement between the City Attorney‘s Office and the clubs. A letter from attorney Craig Shiels to Assistant City Attorney Melissa Miles filed Friday, which follows, says that per the deal, “The City will continue to be temporarily restrained from preventing Service Bar and Yucatan from operating during their normal business hours, including from midnight to 2:15 a.m,” and that the hearing’s been removed from the court docket pending the judge’s ruling on the TRO. Everything’s been delayed untill at least October 17th, 2011.

The rest of the bars and restaurants on Lower Greenville are still getting everything in order and Greenville Avenue supporters will be patiently awaiting for what is to come. Greenville Avenue construction is advancing rapidly and the future looks bright! Stay tuned for more info on Greenville.

Greenville is also getting in gear for the new Food Truck Trailer Park to open!

Please remember, these Special Use Permits (SUPs) are not yet in effect and most of the bars and restaurants are still OPEN!! Can’t wait until the street looks exactly like the picture seen here. It’s getting closer.

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