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Trader Joe’s & the Food Truck Trailer Park on Lower Greenville

Lately, my friends have been asking me if the Food Truck Trailer Park is still coming to Lower Greenville and if so, WHEN? I have been very curious myself, so let me fill you in on the scoop.

The Food Truck Trailer Park plans have been significantly altered for two reasons.

One, of course, is Trader Joe’s, coming to Lower Greenville:

From the ashes of the Arcadia, which burned down in June 2006, arises a Trader Joe’s and a food-trailer park?

The other, is that city council  is easing its restrictions on food trucks in recent months. This is great because it will result in a “restaurant-bar building with a commissary in the back that would provide air-conditioned dining space for food-truck customers,” according to  Jon Hetzel of Madison Partners, which owns the site. In case you forgot, let me remind you…. Dallas had some pretty crazy hot days this past summer. It was too hot to venture outside on many days, so now that they will have AC coming, we won’t have to worry about the heat aspect creating a business problem for the food Trucks.

Jon Hetzel told Dallas Observer‘s, Unfair Park the following:

“We’ll have a food-truck park around patio and have more of a traditional food-truck set-up without having everything bolted down, which was the original plan till the city eased its restrictions.”

Madison Partners have been reluctant to release any tangible dates for the arrival of the Trailer Park and Trader Joe’s, but has hinted at the “Fourth Quarter” of 2012… We would hope that would mean around September, but realistically I would predict December.

I have wondered, what’s the big deal about this Trader Joe’s business that everyone has been so pumped up about because we have never had one here in Dallas. After much research, I am not disappointed. CNN did a report on the success of Trader Joe’s back in 2010, called, Inside the secret world of Trader Joe’s. A very intriguing article, if you would like to read more, click on this link


Turns out, Trader Joe’s is no ordinary grocery chain. It’s an offbeat, fun discovery zone that elevates food shopping from a chore to a cultural experience. It stocks its shelves with a winning combination of low-cost, yuppie-friendly staples (cage-free eggs and organic blue agave sweetener) and exotic, affordable luxuries — Belgian butter waffle cookies or Thai lime-and-chili cashews — that you simply can’t find anyplace else.

Employees dress in goofy trademark Hawaiian shirts, hand stickers out to your squirming kids, and cheerfully refund your money if you’re unhappy with a purchase — no questions asked. At the Chelsea store opening, workers greeted customers with high-fives and free cookies.

It’s little wonder that Trader Joe’s is one of the hottest retailers in the U.S. It now boasts 344 stores in 25 states and Washington, D.C., and strip-mall operators and consumers alike aggressively lobby the chain, based in Monrovia, Calif., to come to their towns. A Trader Joe’s brings with it good jobs, and its presence in your community is like an affirmation that you and your neighbors are worldly and smart.”

Sounds pretty fortuitous for us Dallas folk! You have also probably heard that another location is coming to Plano as well. So, we all look forward to Trader Joe’s and the food Truck Trailer park!! Hopefully construction really will begin in the “fourth quarter” of 2012.

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  1. Hey. you have a great site! thanks for all the info!

    February 20, 2012

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