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Why Right Now is the BEST Time to List Your Property

Selling a home requires a strategy. Knowing what month to list, how to price and where to advertise are all significant factors that, when well navigated, lead to success.



Choosing the right time to put your home up for sale is especially important, since the housing market’s energy ebbs and flows each season. Ideally, home sellers want to avoid high numbers of “Days On Market”, which potential buyers often glance at to gauge whether a property is a good find, worth pursuing.

Dallas currently has one of the best performing housing sectors in the country, offering price levels that are highly attractive to buyers, yet still allow sellers to secure good value from their sales.

Also, interest rates remain at historic lows. “These lower rates have a favorable impact on home affordability, which prompts more buyers to enter the market,” explained Gene Taylor, Director of Sales and Agent Development at Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty.

Through his close contact with buyers, sellers and local real estate agents, Taylor has also observed widespread consumer confidence. From a seller’s perspective, of course this is important. As an agent; however, we are very personally seeing all sides. We’ve got buyers who are in the position where they can search and wait until they just find the right property at the right price, the right time and the right location. It’s hard to get clients to understand that there is no “perfect” house. BUT, there are damn near ‘perfect’ houses out there right now with the right confluence of price, interest rates and location (investment). It’s a fine line….understanding there is no perfect house, but knowing when and where and why a particular home is the right buy for you and your family. My house is nowhere near perfect. Everyone told me that Ralph and I were crazy to buy a house a month before our wedding. We were already under so much stress with planning a 300 person wedding here in Dallas – ‘why on earth would you try and move while going through the stress of being engaged and planning a wedding?’ 

We purchased our home in Lakewood without anyone else’s advice. I hardly ever do anything without consulting my mother and getting her opinion, not just because she is my Mom, but because, her opinion really counts- not just to me, but to everyone! Plus… she is my mentor/partner/Mom/everyone else goes to her for advice about everything 😉  The one thing I have that I don’t need anyone else’s help with in this business, is my intuition. But, that is neither here, nor there… Aside from the stress of wedding planning, the time was right: interest rates were low enough, the price was -JUST right- at that time, and it was the perfect location? At that time in my life, I was stressed….- I didn’t have a wedding planner, and it was Spring, so my Mom was too busy to help out with the wedding planning (Dallas RE Spring MArket).

2 months later- everyone was telling me, buying this house was the BEST decision I had every made in my life (aside from marrying Ralph) 😉  There is absolutely now way I can’t take all of the credit for making the decision to buy our home in Lakewood when we did, because, after-all, it  was the first house we went to visit together and Ralph loved it from the start…. I was set on a Tudor in Lakewood or close to the Mstreets.  this was the 3rd house we had put an offer on; but, the only one- we now realize, that we truly wanted. – Now CNN Money is calling this neighborhood one of the “Best Big City Neighborhoods” to live. Lots are being sold, builders are building monstrosities- down the street from us, neighbors are amazing, friends are close by, and it just feels right. 

For real estate advice about your specific , please call Bonnie or Lisa Besserer at 214-364-2295, or email me at

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