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How will the Largest School Consolidation in DISD History Impact the Dallas Market?

As you may have heard,

Thursday, January 26th, 2012, Dallas School District Officials Approved a Proposal to shut down 11 Schools in Dallas ISD.

11 Schools are closing down, “including 9 elementary schools and 2 middle schools, be considered for consolidation with other campuses beginning next school year as a cost-saving measure. In accordance with established district policy, the schools recommended for consolidation with others are predominantly campuses that are significantly underutilized, have low enrollment or are in close proximity to other campuses with available student capacity,” According to DISD.

Parents, teachers and students were understandably outraged. Some of the schools being shut down were some of the best schools academically. This will also result in 177 layoffs of full-time employees.

In a separate vote, the board voted to extend teachers’ work days by 45 minutes, without compensating them for it. The school closures along with longer hours will undoubtedly cause Dallas ISD to lose great teachers and may cause the quality of the Dallas ISD education to suffer, and will definitely affect the Dallas Real Estate Market. As a former teacher and Dallas resident, I am outraged by this issue… As if things weren’t bad enough to begin with. State funding budget cuts to school districts have got to stop.

Dallas ISD Schools To Be Closed

Talk has already begun from some parents and families affected by the school closures of moving out of the Dallas TX area. Nearby Richardson offers excellent school districts and the University Park and Highland Park school district is ranked as one of the best districts in the nation.

The other consideration is what affect the Dallas ISD school closures will have on Dallas homes for sale. The quality of the school district as well as demand for homes for sale in Dallas have a direct influence on the selling price of Dallas real estate. An increase in Dallas homes for sale may lead to a decrease in Dallas TX home values for the foreseeable future.

It is not just the neighborhoods of the 11 schools that will be affected. Those students will have to be educated somewhere, and this may lead to an overcrowding of surrounding Dallas ISD schools. Decreased Dallas home values will lead to less tax revenue and thus lower funding for DISD in return.

If you are thinking about selling your home in the Dallas area, the time to act may be now before the true effects are felt. Please feel free to contact me to get an idea of what you may be able to list your home for. Even if you are not thinking of making a real estate move, but would just like to know, I would be happy to give you any information to help.

Call me at 214-364-2295, or shoot me and email at

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