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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills TYPE Show Coming to Dallas! We need your help with the Casting!

“Looking for people with ‘Big Personalities’ to cast in Dallas

 Reality TV Show”

We need Dallas women to fill these Shoes (High Heels)

Ok,  Dallas people. We need your help….  Think “BIG PERSONALITIES!”

Do you know anyone who reminds you of a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills or a character on the show? Do you have a friend or friend of a friend or anyone you can think of who would work for a reality TV show, here in Dallas? Have you ever sat and watched a reality TV show and thought, wow, my friend (Insert name here) would be perfect for this show? If so, you could be watching your Dallas friend on TV someday soon.

The producers of major hit reality shows are coming to Dallas soon. I met them when they came to Dallas with the idea of doing a spin-off of HGTV’s biggest hit show, “Selling New York”  and now they are looking to do a show that could be the Dallas version of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. So, before they come to Dallas for the casting, we need names and ideas of people who would work to play the parts!
THINK: families that come from oil and gas…. families that live BIG lifestyles, people who you think would be interesting to watch on TV…. You get the picture.
For more information on the producers, casting, or anything don’t hesitate to comment below or shoot me an email at



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