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See the DFW Top Producers of 2011, Including my Mom, Lisa Besserer, WHILE BEATING BREAST CANCER!!

See Which Dallas-Fort Worth Realtors Were The Top Producers of 2011, including a personal shout out to my Mom, Lisa Besserer, who was a top producer, but this year, she did it while beating Breast Cancer!

My Mom has been a top-producer at Briggs Freeman for the past several years, but this year was something extraordinary. She still managed to stay on top, but this time, with breast cancer. Mom, I am so proud of you. You had such a rough year and you persevered through it all. Many of our clients and customers never even knew my Mom, Lisa Besserer had breast cancer this past year. We kept it as private as we could, because we didn’t want our clients and friends to worry or think that we still couldn’t keep our business in tact.

Although, she won this award, 2011 was not all just glitz and glam and real estate success. Our family, especially my Mom was undergoing an enormous amount of stress that comes along with a family member battling cancer. If you’ve ever met Lisa Besserer, you know she is an amazing woman, but this year, everyone who saw what she went through knows how strong and dedicated she is. I have never seen such strength.

Although she had to go through the stress of all the tests, the waiting, the stays in the hospital, the surgeries, she persevered and you couldn’t keep her down for long… Right before she went under for surgery for her double mastectomy surgery, she was telling the Doctor about a house he should go check out that would be “perfect for his family.” She is truly passionate about her work and not even Cancer could keep her down, or EVEN keep her from being a top producer once again!

Briggs Freeman did amazing, once again. Our top producers had incredible sales numbers, but I couldn’t make this post without letting everyone know how proud I am of my Mother. She beat cancer last year and still managed to come out on top in business and in her health. The doctors say it was her positive attitude that got her through everything. She continues to be an amazing role model to me. I am so proud to call her my Mother and my business partner!

But, back to Briggs Freeman and all of our top producers…. This is an incredible company to work for and we had so much love and support from our family at the company. Keep reading to see how amazing the company did this year.

Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty’s 2011 Top Producers were honored for their outstanding achievements. Featured are (left to right) Lindy Mahoney, Becky Frey, Claire Dewar, CEO Robbie Briggs, Joan Eleazer, Layne Pitzer and Jeff Eleazer.

CEO Robbie Briggs of Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty announced the company’s top producers for 2011 at a recent office event at the Dallas Country Club. The combined efforts of all Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty agents were praised as the company gathered to honor its most stellar producers.

“2011 was a year of incredible opportunity and change with the addition of the Sotheby’s International Realty brand, our tremendous growth into the western areas of the Metroplex and the opening of new offices serving our Uptown, Development Services and Ranch and Land Divisions,” said CEO Robbie Briggs, “Our agents have embraced these changes and shown incredible persistence, flexibility, creativity and talent.”

The award for Top Individual Producer was earned by Claire Dewar. The award for Top Team Producer went to The Eleazer Group.  Immediately following Claire Dewar in production were Becky Frey and Lindy Mahoney.

Awards were also presented to Trusler-Seale, Michelle Wood, Ellen Terry, Jeannie Nethery and Wynne Moore.

Additionally, awards were given to The McMahons, The Ryan Group, Ginger Nobles and Susan Baldwin, The Sessions Team, Tessa Mosteller and Lucinda Buford and Tom Hughes.

Further awards were presented to LeeLee Gioia and Anne Goyer, Jamie Adams, Lisa Besserer, Gretchen Brasch and Elly Holder, Meredith Ferrell and Brenda Ray, Brenda White and Melissa White, Nancy Guerriero and Janelle Law, Amy Detwiler and Christy Berry.

Also awarded were Terry Cook, Carol Storey and Clair Storey, Malinda Arvesen, Shell Stegall, Gayle Johansen, The McGuire Group, Ann Shaw, Nancy Dunning, Katye Sloan, Doug Shelton and Jeanne Shelton, Ilene Christ, Jonathan Rosen, Sandy Petruska and Courtney Petruska, Betsy Cameron and Janis Wells, Pam Brannon, Elisabeth Davis, Kim McAuliffe and Erika Orbin.

Click here to access profile pages for these and other exceptional Dallas-Fort Worth area realtors.

For further information, go to, ranked the #1 Brokerage Web site in Texas and the #3 in the Nation.

– Mom, you are incredible and an inspiration to all of us!!!!!


Bonnie Besserer

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  1. Diane cunningham #

    Not only is she the BEST! she’s also the person you always want to sit next to at a party!!!!!
    thank you Bonnie for saying so eloquently what we all feel!

    March 23, 2012

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