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Avoid These Common Decorating Mistakes

August 9, 2012If you’re preparing to show your home, you know some redecorating is probably needed. But sometimes getting a little overzealous with your home’s showmanship can do more harm than good.Check out these common decorating mistakes you’ll want to be sure and avoid especially when prepping your home to sell:

Overhead Lighting

“There’s nothing worse than bright overhead lights that make you feel like you’re onstage,” says designer Barclay Butera. He recommends using dimmers and soft white bulbs in every room, including bathrooms. “Lighting shouldn’t wash down on you: It’s harsh and unflattering,” he says.

Clustered Candles

Designer Albert Hadley… believes “a more balanced aesthetic” is achieved when candlesticks are spread out around a room. “Candlelight, like open fires, has a certain allure — one of warmth and romance. To me, it’s most alluring when the light is spread around the room,” he says. “In other words, separate the candlesticks!”

Overzealous Painting

Decorative painting can be a beautiful addition to a space, but knowing when to stop is key. “Brilliant painting is elegant and polished, but go too far and you end up with vulgarity,” says designer Mary Douglas Drysdale.

Unfriendly Furniture

Don’t create a living room seating arrangement that makes conversation difficult. “I am often dumbstruck by the way people arrange their living room furniture. So much wide-open space, pieces plastered against walls, chairs too far apart,” says designer Whitney Stewart. She believes the answer is simplicity. “The guiding principle should be to create intimacy. How can you have a good conversation when you have to shout across the room? I imagine the sofa talking to the chairs, the chairs talking to one another,” she says.

The above tips are from House Beautifulclick here to see the full article.

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– Bonnie Besserer

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